Tuesday, June 23, 2009

La Giraudière!

We have arrived in La Giraudière and it is beautiful and the weather is perfect.  Lunch was ready when we arrived so I am posting a picture of our luncheon on the grounds with the house in the background. We were served deviled eggs, French style, mustard glazed pork roast, and apricot mousse. The girls are very happy to be here.  It is 4:50 p.m. and they are all out sketching.   
 (I was unable to post anything yesterday.  I could not connect to the Internet.)


  1. Wow- the menu sounds fantastic, not to mention the view! We can't wait to see the paintings and sketches created on these beautiful days!

  2. La Giraudiere looks so pretty !
    Hope everyone is getting enough rest.
    Enjoy the experience !

  3. Good to hear you arrived safely to La Giraudiere, it does look perfect, the patio, the weather, the lovely grounds and house... where's the goat? I can't wait to see him, Andrea, please get a picture! Or create one! Sending xoxos to you, I'll check in later, love Mom, Dad, Andrew, Ariann

  4. How fortunate to be able to eat al fresco while we swelter. Menu sounds wonderful.

    Where is the donkey?

    Dean Maness: Mr. Fred Smith received an award from the French government last week in Paris...in newspaper today.

    Give Judy B a hug from me, and Joel B too. Please post of photo of the entire group.

    Barbara O.

  5. Wow! How exciting! And the weather looks so nice. Its brutal here! Have fun! (And enjoy that yummy French Mustard!)

  6. Corie,

    It is 0100 our time...I thought that you might be getting up to start your day. We love you lots!!!! Miss you!

    (at work - you can Email me anytime)