Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Last Blog Entry

This will be our last blog from France.  We leave early tomorrow morning for Paris.  I had a great deal of difficulty connecting to the Internet at the hotel, so I will not attempt it for just one night.  Please leave comments on this blog.  Our young ladies will be checking it for about 6 more hours. Also at the end of this blog I will post all flight information and arrival time.

Yesterday afternoon the girls traveled by bus to Nantes to see the great mechanical elephant. The Dean and I love the elephant and wanted the girls to see it.  They were fortunate to see it walking and spraying water and trumpeting.

Today was a big day for us.  In the afternoon we had our Salon Accepté, the SAA version of the Impressionist exhibits of the late 19th Century.  We awarded prizes and ribbons and awards from the Dalle family.
Here are the awards:
The Reginal Dalle Award - Carleigh Stratton
The Bruno Dalle Award - Katherine Green
The Mohammed Award - Corie Walker
La Giraudière Award - Corie Walker
Hooker Award - Andrea Assadollahi
Taylor Family Award - Danielle Pirozzi
Palette Knife Award- Taylor McKeever
Village Français Award- Ashlyn Robinson
Lasting Impression Award - Emily Van Gilder
Chinoiserie Award - Carleigh Stratton
Best Sketchbook Award - Taylor McKeever
Best Sketch Award- Andrea Assadollahi
Special Sketch Award - Ashlyn Robinson
Dean's Favorite - Corie Walker
McCarty's Favorite - Katherine Green
People's Choice Award - Andrea Assadollahi (Voted by students)
Best of Show - Andrea Assadollahi (Best body of work)

Our final picture at La Giraudiére:
Reginald Dalle toasting the success of our girls:

Some of our winners:
More winners:
The Mechanical Elephant:

Thanks for allowing us to travel with your "precious cargo" for these past few weeks.  You should be proud of all of them.  They are great travelers, talented artists, and willing to participate in new experiences.  They are fun, funny and very sweet.  They felt like family.

Flight Info
Our flight from Paris to Chicago is United  943 arriving at 1:13 p.m. in Chicago.  We depart Chicago on United#5994 at 4:55, arriving Memphis 6:34 p.m. on Friday, July 3.

We'll see you at the airport.  We have had a wonderful trip, but we are all anxious to get home.