Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Notes from the Dean on Monday, June 29, 2009

Yesterday was a great day--like every day here at La Girau!  The ladies of SAA worked diligently all morning on finishing their paintings, so that all will be dry for our approaching departure.  Their work is extraordinary as they prepare for their SAA Neo-Impressionist Art Show 2009 on Wednesday, July 1. 
When they finished their work, the ladies took a dip in the pool, read, and listened to their music.
After lunch, we had an excursion to the local (5 minutes away) chocolate "factory".    The Cesbron brothers, who own the chocolate "factory",  made a presentation and showed a film about the origins of chocolate.  We were able to sample everything, as the brothers demonstrated how they make the candy and decorate the chocolate.   Just after we made our purchases and returned "home", there was a lovely afternoon storm that was rather noisy and cooled off the evening.
After dinner, the girls did make up and hair, read, listened to music, talked, and "played" before the midnight curfew. . . . 
We have been so lucky that the weather has been so perfect.  This is not always the case in the this part of la belle France.  We have been eating typical French dishes.  Every now and then, there is something that we don't care for, but the girls have been courageous in trying things out.  
A bientot!  JM


  1. Tay, we sure do do miss you! Your Mom is going to most certainly want to hear all about the chocolate trip! We're very excited to welcome you home Friday. It looks like the whole group is having a fine time. We love you!! Dad, Mom, Jordan, Andrew, and Holly (woof! woof!).....:)

  2. Thank you Dean Maness for the blog, it is nice to hear from you, I love to hear you say, or when you write "the ladies" referring to our girls, it gives my heart a little bump. How fast these past 4 years have gone...but what a great 4 years. Ali and I appreciate everyone at St Agnes and the commitment to not only educate our girls academically, but the whole person. Xoxos to you, your Mom, and Miss Janis-Thank you all. So Ladies, enjoy the next few days-what memories you all are making.:) Andrea, we received your wonderful postcards! You couldn't have done any better matching the pictures on the cards with the family member. Your sweet words were perfect, and one day you and I will go together to France. That monkey tree (no matter where we are) is in our hearts always. I love you. xoxos, Madar June. Dad, Andrew and Ari send their love always!

  3. Andrea! It's Brooke! I just wanted to let you know that since you've been gone your mom and I have been chatting. Jealous? Thought so. Anyways I miss you so unbelievably much! Today I left work and started driving to your house.. then completely broke down and almost had a wreck when I realized you weren't there. I hate not talking to you! :(
    Two more days... two more days...
    OH and I love how your mom keeps talking about the monkey tree! DMB jam session when you return!

    Love you & miss you!
    -Brooke D.

  4. Yes!! It is good to hear from Dean Maness, I hope all is well with you and your mother and of course Mrs McCarty...I'm sure the girls have learned so much being with all of you, We couldn't have asked for better leaders anywhere!! Thank you for everything!!! I am sure this will be a trip they will never forget.

    Enjoy your last few days Ashlyn, Friday will be here very soon:) I finished painting your dresser tonight, YEAH!! Love you and Miss you very much, Mom

  5. Embrace these last days, especially your last night in Paris.
    Can't wait to hear about the Art Show.
    Sounds like everyone had a memorable trip.
    Safe trip home.
    Diane Pirozzi

  6. Hey Ash I just wanted to remind you that we leave for LA and Hawaii on Sunday for the family trip....That gives you Saturday only to re-group (i know, crazy planning but Dad did it a year ago..remember) SORRY! Is there anything you can think of that you will need...or that your out of? Give it some thought when you have time and email me with anything I can do for you. I don't want Saturday to be a crazy day...although I have a feeling it will be!! Its going to be so much fun it will all be worth it...you won't know what time it is anywhere....ohhh meee...I love you very much and I am looking forward to scuba diving with you very soon...