Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 1 at the Chateau

The food is awesome. We really enjoy it. Also a constant supply of cookies keeps us full. Today was a lazy day. We got to the chateau and explored. We were also assigned a sketching assignment. After the sketching, we played basketball, ran around the track, slept, and many more fun activities. Tonight, we ate dinner with everyone as well as sat around and looked at everyones sketches from today. Now we are just sitting around and will get to bed eventually. Until tomorrow..... From France.
Written by Taylor


  1. PS. To Janet, Andrea says she misses you and the Monkey Tree.
    and to Diane, the monkey the Monkey Tree is Andrea's home.

  2. It sounds like you all are having a fabulous time! I would do anything to get out of this Memphis heat and be in France--very jealous. It looks extremely peaceful. I can't wait to read about your new adventures in the coming days.

    Dean Maness: Don't forget about the picture of you and the donkey you promised me.

    Question from Aubrey and moi: Is anyone dominating trivia like we did? We are very anxious to hear who are competitors are.
    nous vous aimons beaucoup-Aubrey and Sarah

  3. Okay so it is a donkey, not a goat, I knew that, it's the heat here... Dear Mrs. Mccarty, thanks for the P.S., you are so sweet, I really do miss her, but I am really happy and excited for her-the missing is worth it for her to be with you all on such a wonderful trip,again thanks to Dean Maness, her mom, and you for making it happen and for taking such great care of everyone! You all deserve a lazy day! Looking forward to more blogs and pictures when you can, until then, xoxos, Janet

  4. I hope the girls are loving "les biscuits" as I could eat my whole weight in them last summer! I'm sure the sketches are looking great, and I hope Mrs. Turner is enjoying herself as well!

  5. My guess is that Carleigh or Corie wrote the last blog. Yes?
    Sounds like the girls are really having a fun time with each other.
    Can't wait to see pictures of the girls with the donkey.
    Diane Pirozzi

  6. Taylor, il semble comme eveything va grand. Nous sûr vous manque. C'est si chaud ici que je pense que tous devrions vous joignons là ! Ha ! Avoir un grand jour et nous vous garderons et le groupe entier dans nos pensées et nos prières ! Nous vous aimons, Maman, le Papa, Jordanie, Andrew & le Houx