Sunday, June 28, 2009

From Danielle

Hello fellow bloggers! Today, we attempted Church. Who knew that the day we went, the time and location would be changed. After meditating for awhile, we returned to La Giraudiere for lunch and and a little bit of laying out. As we finished, we then loaded the bus and headed to a Japanese garden where we painted for 2 hours. We experienced what it was like to have others to come watch and take pictures as we painted. We're about to go to dinner and finish the night off with a little bit of an ab workout! More tomorrow.


  1. Church, meditating, ab work out, laying out, all sounds wonderful! And how was the experience of having others watch while you paint? I know they found it interesting and your paintings beautiful. I missing you, Andrea. Keep having fun and painting, I will see you soon. xoxos, Love, Mom, Dad, Andrea, Ariann

  2. A little meditation does wonders....and Danielle I hope you got the front side today when you tanned so you will be even....haha. Another wonderful experience... painting in the gardens today? A site to see for sure! Sounds like another great day girls.

    Would that be the AB "Video"? I was wondering if you had used it yet. Enjoy! I love you ASHEEEEE

  3. Sounds like the girls are doing it all ! Didn't hear anything about summer reading. Hmmmm
    When is the visit to the chocolate factory ?
    Danielle- Excited to receive your e-mail. I'm so glad you are having a GREAT time.
    Enjoy the rest of the trip.
    Love Mom

  4. meditation, sitting in the sun, working out, being in the French countryside, sounds like my kind of vacation. Love the pictures and looking forward to seeing the paintings. Enjoy the great food, the kitchen is not yet a kitchen, but soon, maybe.
    We love and miss you Emily and would really like to hear from you - calling card, email?!


  5. Danielle! Your writing skills are magnif. Some fans,eh? Sounds like you're on your way. Can't wait till you get back so I can see everything! Miss you! Oh and you might want to keep those ab workouts up so I don't completely crush you in our next match. Later painter.