Saturday, June 27, 2009

From Ashlyn

Why hello Everyone! Believe it or not we got a paint free day. First we ate breakfast  and then took a 2 hour bus ride to a medieval walled city where we were able to shop, sketch, and eat lunch. After that we went to La Baule, which was the beach! It had been cloudy all day until we arrived at the beach. We all received tons of sun, especially Danielle's back while Andrea and I saved a ton of jellyfish. We were very fascinated by them. Andrea also was very excited about her "free souvenirs"..... seashells. After the sandy two hour bus ride back, We spend the rest of the day eating and relaxing, but in Corie's case, she decided to paint a whole new painting. We ended our night watching Mouline Rouge.... its a tear jerker. The girls say hello and we miss you all very much! Ta Ta! 
(The photos are from yesterday -- our hike into Des Gardes and painting in the village.)


  1. Love the photos, especially Taylor painting by the side of the road. That photo looks like something out of a french movie.
    Sounds like everyone is getting along well.
    Can't wait to hear the stories once everyone gets back.
    Ashlyn- What did you mean by saving the jellyfish? Did you and Andrea pick them up?
    Diane Pirozzi

  2. Bon Soir madames and mademoiselles enjoying your en plein air adventures. Ah the beach - exactly what we need nearby in very hot Memphis.

    Hope you are planning an art display of all your art produced during your trip!

    SAA-SDS is closed this next week in anticipation of the 4th of July!

    Enjoy your days in la belle France.

    Barbara O.

  3. Oh my dearest Ash,,,,, You saved the jellyfish....for what? They will sting you silly...I know you were having fun and being silly, of course!! I have to say you all look like little professionals over there...I wish I could have been in a car driving down that road, what a site to see. Enjoy each day...what an adventure! It is Horribly Hot and Muggy in Memphis. A little boring without you.

  4. Dear Corie,

    We miss you lots!!!! I have enjoyed seeing everything that you are discovering. We can not wait for you to arrive back home. Your sister misses you, but she is doing fine.

    Love you lots,


  5. Wow, ya'll found the cord! I am so happy to see all these pictures! The hiking pic looks like it's warm, is it as hot as Memphis? lol. Saving jelly fish? Sounds like Andrea! And were there lots of sea shells? It's hard to find very many here on our beaches. We miss you Andrea, we helped Andrew get moved in his new place, you are going to love it! It is in the neighborhood behind where Jaws used to be located. Dad, Andrew and Ariann send their love. Lisa brought your VB bag from the church, hooray! Well til the next blog, I love you, xoxos to everyone. Love, JJ

  6. PS-Andrea, Did you see Paige sent ya'll a message?

  7. Hey Ash, It's Pops....I have enjoyed reading and looking at all the blogs. When I look at the pictures it makes me want to make a cheese tray and pour a glass of wine! I think a art show would be a great idea. The food is probably a major experience, of which I look forward to hearing all about. Ash, you are right La Giraudiere looks like a awesome place to visit.
    Enjoy your time and be safe.....I love you. Dad